Текст песни Nakatomi Plaza – Spinning Off

Spinning Off текст песни
Nakatomi Plaza

Found the time to tell myself That I don't like this time that I've found If I stop too long then it
may be for good Has it been so long and is this wrong? When I look on back at the mice that ran, or
how I used to sing (I'd like to say hello) I was young, so forgive my words that hurt My best songs
they hate me know, no they don't, I'm just growing up (I'm paraniod) We used to drive all night To
go nowhere and back and then we'd just drive on (leaving behind) And though, I know those days, will
never go away From this place to get away Well I never asked too much, or did I? I'll guess we'll
never know Well I turned you round in circles, sent you spinning off to bed _ Will you let me do
that again?