Текст песни Nakatomi Plaza – Bullshit

Bullshit текст песни
Nakatomi Plaza

I think that it's bull shit Why do I gotta put up with it? All the words you say Your smart ass
lines never go away I think that it's bull shit How good have I been to you? You never give in
return For all the favors you have not earned Your super ego lies And tells you things you'll never
abide by_ Your sighs have become the background of the days It's what's to be expected when _ I can
see them from a mile away i think that it's bull shit How many times do I have to say it? I'm tired
of living this way Wait for the phone to ring to hear you say, "I think this is bull shit"
and then I'll say, "Well, no shit." I've tried to fix this before I need your help so that
this won't go one anymore