Текст песни Nakatomi Plaza – Pissed Off Sailor

Тексты песен Nakatomi Plaza Pissed Off Sailor

Pissed Off Sailor текст песни
Nakatomi Plaza

The thorn in your side, remember me? Your rose, your dove, your cry, "the size of your
eyes" the air is thinning around you press here, deflate my words "I'll count to two"
can't believe you waited, it's gone your way so you can say_ so look through these here yellow
glasses, they make it so much brighter so you'll see and many times I've walked down, so foolish in
your trees "it seems your dreams I see" the sun has set in the East, and bye, for a
fortnight "the night, I'll count too" up til 5am again, hoped those nights would never end
"watch out falling rocks" the late nights I don't mind, I'm just scared of what I'll find
"darkness rises, above alone" so if you stay with me, then I cannot make any gurantees
"tried my best to make you smile" miss the days of falling rain, the high seas, please
stay with me I don't know anymore Sinking, falling with the weight of gold, I'm not there yet