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Тексты песен Nakatomi Plaza Next Bus To New Orleans

Next Bus To New Orleans текст песни
Nakatomi Plaza

it's times like these when just simply breathing takes everything i am the time for action's arrived
and the answers are multiple choice a-scream b-sleep c-run and i've chosen all the above scream
sleep run should have done this long ago next bus and a good book and i'm gone something's wrong
there are one thousand ways out of here and i'm going over my plans this marauder's map can show me
every secret exit: give up give in give out there's no looking back i know you'll say that there's
no point "you can't solve anything by running away" i'll just disappear so i'll reply
"that could be true but i'll find out on my own i can find out on my own" i can hardly
breathe but i'm still here so i guess you're right and if this book is as far as i can get this book
is where i'll be