Текст песни Nakatomi Plaza – Man Of The Year

Man Of The Year текст песни
Nakatomi Plaza

I'm closing all the doors, I'm waiting for the world You'll forget to apologize, your disguise
hasn't worked this time So take off you're scary mask, put on the face, that I knew I knew you
before, before you became who you are And I want to know why everyone is changing 'Cause I'm still
the same, the kid that you met years before As I'm getting older, the world seems so much further
away Drinking another 40 again, euphoria here I come God, I know I'm still the same, or maybe she's
right and I have changed So I'm just getting drunker and drunker 'cause that's what drinkers do And
so I'm the Man of the Year, congratulate me 'cause I'm still here I'm still here.