Текст песни Ease Of Disgust – The shell

The shell текст песни
Ease Of Disgust

I dont need
Your fucking world
I am happy cause
I've got my own
I don't breathe, I am cold
I am dead to this world

I live in the shell
It's my Eden

Let me go
Just let me go
Get the fuck away from me

Let me go
To my shelter
To this abnormity
I call my world

No more lights, no more sounds
No more senses that make us fall
No more torporific values
That's enough

I will fall into sleep
I will hide really deep
In subconscious dreams
In my own hell within my shell

I will leave you there
Among the ruins of your world
I will disappear
Mured in my tomb
Fuck your resemblance of life
Fuck your attempt to enslave me there
I will better condemn myself
To be trapped within my shell

I will never live again

Forever trapped in the cell of my mind
It will protect from the pain that you hide
In your fucking hands
In your filthy heart
The pain that you call your life

You wount see when it will be too late
You wount stop to make the last step down

And death starts it's countdown

And I'll stay here
In my shell
Dead to you
In my shell