Текст песни Ease Of Disgust – Sanity devoured

Sanity devoured текст песни
Ease Of Disgust

Slaughterhouse under blood-red skies
Tongues of flame cremating piles of dead bodies
Skinless dead faces covered with flies
Are smiling direly

No single piece
Of human flesh
Just only remnants of bodies, just only bones
Scraped out with teeth of starving carnivores

I saw them devouring each other
Disemboweling bodies which were still alive
I saw them feeding their hunger
They destroyed their cities and drowned them in blood

Hunger has killed all our compassion
And now our sanity is fed to instincts
Hunger consumed something vital what made us humane
And now we hunt and eat ourselves

I don't want
To become
One of you
I'm so scared
To lose
And fall
I can feel
Cutting pain
I can hear
Starving voice
Which tells
I've got
No choice

I don't want us to be flayed and dismembered
To serve as a food to each other
To cross that line
To regress into animals
As long as i breath i will stand my ground
I will leash my hunger before i'm consumed
From the inside
Before my mind is hazed with blood
Before i betray myself

Before i erase myself

Before i
Paint the floor with your bloody traces
Break your limbs and mutilate your faces
Tear your skin and push my hands into your guts
And then i start

Slaughterhouse under blood-red skies
Tongues of flame incinerating the dead
Skinless dead faces covered with flies
Will never see
What i'm going to do with you all
Fucking cattle