Текст песни Young Jeezy – Everything

Everything текст песни
Young Jeezy

[Chorus - Young Jeezy X4]
Ya nigga ain't seein' me, I put that on everything
Put that on everything
Put that on everything

[Verse 1 - Young Jeezy]
I'm going out the same way I came in
Harder than a motherfucker
Real street nigga I ain't nothin like these other suckers (na)
How much the club cost I might buy this motherfucker
Have the feds park right outside this motherfucker!
You know the name bitch
Hotter than fish grease
Got a hundred move a hundred that was this week (damn)
She want me to get the room man this bitch cheap (what)
But she roll the weed good and she a big freak (yeah)
We on 75 her hands down my 87's
Dolce Gabbana belt, know the Mack-11
First name Gots
Last name Ends
Fix your mouth, fix your face, you might get a Benz

[Verse 2 - Lil' Boosie]
Put that on momma my daddy and everything I love
For everything I rap
My gangstas in the trap
You can't see me with a magnifying glass
200 on the dash, try some games, I'll bust ya ass
Nigga whole click, iPhones
Nigga, get your shine on
Used to whip it up and zip it up
Now it's the microphone
No man alive can't stop my shine, I'm a hustla mayne
I want it bad cause Bad Azz came from nothing man
Shining on 'em, griding on 'em, bout what I'm talking bout
If I show your bitch my house, she gone take my dick and floss
Show after show I'm getting dough
100 G's at a time
I'm MJ round my way and Louisiana is mine, nigga!