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I Won't Believe текст песни

I won't believe every lie
Just 'cause you said you're mine.
I won't believe that your heart's
Been cheating from the start.
I won't believe it's just a game.
I won't believe it's just the same... again.

I won't believe... you could be far away
But staying on my mind.
I've to believe... at last, there won't be
Anything that's left behind, my friend...
I understand, that you just saw
The signs, but not their sense
And laid your trust in me... I won't believe

I won't believe...
That you will be there at all...
You know... that I believe...
This is what a friend is for...
I said I won't believe, but then...
I understand that you could see
The signs but not their sense...
Don't lay your trust in me...

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