Текст песни Wolfsheim – Find You're Gone

Тексты песен Wolfsheim Find You're Gone

Find You're Gone текст песни

When I wake up I find you're gone
There should be grief but I feel none
Trying to leave the night behind
I hardly get my thoughts in line
But there is one thing I could say
It seems I'm glad... I find you're gone

I find you're gone...
I find you're gone...

You know it's wrong... You know the way...
But do you really want to stay?
A sudden thought... A thing to mind...
It would be only wasting time...
No matter how hard you will try...
It's just a feeling passing by

I won't say that it's true
That I'm here to stick with you
You know, for me it's just a game
And that you're not the one to blame