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Straight Dancing текст песни
Tom Snare

Everybody are you ready
No don’t be feelin’ down
Good times are never not lost
They’re coming back around
But we don’t have to worry
Just know that it will pass
We’re living with a stress
But u know d at it won’t last
We in the same thing
And everybody
I’ll let you know
And everybody cries
Everyone wants
And de don’t know why
And everybody got their own particular ways
And everybody work dem try fi get paid
We don wan to live an feel like that
All of time we feelin so bad
Come let we bus’ particular way
Everybody come let’s kick it away
Jump and ready
Hands up high
Rock your body
Move in time
Jump and ready
Hands up high
Raise your hands
Up to the sky
We kick it loud (we gettin’ down)
Tell me people are you ready
Say hey
When we goin
Str aight
Dancin away
So are you
Re eh day
We gonna
Ta eh
Ake u away
Every way

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