Текст песни The Johnstones – I Got A Problem

I Got A Problem текст песни
The Johnstones

And just because I said I'm sorry ya well I
Still think you're lame and gonna do it again not gonna break me down oh yea
Don't mean that I'm gonna shake your hand and let a mans have a little one up on me
That bouncing shirt's your one and only ya
And if you lined side by side couldn't tell
you guys of from a pack of nine greasy little 8 balls

Yeah I got a problem (Wohhooo)
B-b-back off cause
I don't care what your job is
That Bluetooth on your head ain't cool and

I got a problem (Wohhooo)
And I don't like it that you
Think you can solve 'em
When you're draggin me away I'll say

Don't walk in front of me (Oh yea oh yea)
Don't walk in front of me (Oh yea oh yea)
That ain't no way to be (Oh yea oh yea)
And you will back down cause we know that you'll be sorry

And you've all heard those bouncing stories ya well I saw
Two a them demo a guy who was a one forty five at the
back with these little leather whip things
If I'm the puck and they're the goalie ya well it'd be
Hell of a lot like real life with the scores coming in and there's large lopside

Yeah I got a problem (Wohhooo)
Nobody likes you but you think that you're balling
Inked up with a gay tribal tat

And I got a problem
I think it's funny that your honeys are calling
And we're laughing at you from the back

You think you got this place on lockdown
And you got all the ladies in this place loving you
What are you making like 9 or 10 an hour clean cash?
Always in my face and I don't take no guff