Текст песни Tender Pain – Love Damned

Love Damned текст песни
Tender Pain

I did it again,
just last night.
Sought upon that man of men,
I chose not to bite:

What I let happen for a moment,
acting like you were my saviour.
Spared you from death or at least postponed it,
I will not feed, I waiver.

You have awoken in me ire
your one life counts as more than a hundred.
I've taken as a vampire,
even more than my life undead.

So many have crossed my path,
But I couldn't kill you.
Seeing bloodrained and cold in the aftermath,
I couldn't give you that life too.

I'm so bent here where I fell,
in not taking you, that it makes me unwell.
You think so easily your soul is yours to sell,
I've already sent your love to hell.

Night is coming,
and I have left things the way they were.
I can take it even your shunning,
even seeing your new life with her.

Tonight when I hunt in the sea of faces,
They all look like you to me.
Would you mind trading places,
So that I could be free.