Текст песни Tenacious D – One Note Song

One Note Song текст песни
Tenacious D

KG:do you think some people
do you think that there's some people
that arent really
that are actually robots
living among us
KG:that we cant tell
JB:No we dont have the technology yet
but rage
rage ra..
JB: ..ge
JB:you know what I was thinking?
stop playing
I was thinking of a fucking brilliant song
JB:check it out.
just do what I do
JB:just play this note
and then we both keep playing
just keep both playnig that note
every once in a while bend it
an' that's it
and just remember who wrote that song
me baby me
KG: oh.....
see its fucking simple
thats one song in the bank
next song
KG:is uh
JB:next song
KG:how can, but it's one note
anybody could have wrote it
anybody could have done it
JB: ffrt
KG: its one song its one note
JB:but guess who did write it Me
KG:yeah but did you did you write the the listen...
JB:dude I did
I told you to do the bendy every once in a while
KG;oh yeah you did
JB;woohoo I win
JB;I win
one to nothin