Текст песни Taproot – Wherever I stand

Тексты песен Taproot Wherever I stand

Wherever I stand текст песни

If only I could show you,
Just how much I really care,
Everyday i'm torn apart not knowing
If you're even there,
Yet again,
You're a testimony,
Now and then,
That a greatness occasionally can come along;

Wherever I stand, you're the one,
Who'll be right there with me,
Wherever I land, you're the one,
Who'll be there to break my fall;

Whether fast or slow,
If only I could know you,
So every way i'd feel a part of something,
Like you always do,
And again,
You're my sanctuary,
How and when,
That a greatness eternally does come along;

No matter where,
No matter how,
I know that you'll be,
There by my side
It feels so right,
The sting you share,
The fact i've found,
I know more about,
What lies inside us
Gives me life