Текст песни T.I. ft. Jamie Foxx – Live In The Sky

Тексты песен T.I., Jamie Foxx Live In The Sky

Live In The Sky текст песни
T.I. ft. Jamie Foxx

Whats happening man this T.I.P. you know
I like to dedicate this song to anybody who every lost somebody,
to the grave, to the streets, to the jail cell,
I done been in situations where I done had to Cope with all three you know what I'm saying,
I feel like the only thing I ain't done yet is die you know...
But it ain't how I live when I'm here it's how I live when I leave ya dig

Life's up and downs they come and go ....but when I die I hope I live in the sky...All my folks who

Ain't alive I hope they live in the sky.. pray to God when I die that I live in the sky ..It's true
Goes around comes back you know.. So when I die I hope I live in the sky.. All my folk who ain't
survive may
They live in the sky... Tell God I wanna fly and let me live in the sky...

[Verse 1:]
My cousin Toot ain't have to die right in front of his son and his wife
He lost his life struggling over a gun
Give a damn what he done that my motherfucking folk and I love that nigga 'til death no
motherfucking joke
I can feel my eyes feeling the Lord is my witness
If I catch em Imma kill em I made it my business
Back in the day you stayed in my business taught I didn't have to corporate yay in my business
Coincidently that's why today you not wit me
My cousin died ova some yay and I miss em
Plus he had his family out let's say she the eye witness
But her boyfriend did the shooting judge gave her life sentence
I heard that now I'm dressed up in all black
Shot up the whole apartments and still and brought back
The best friend I had in Jamel I lost that
I guess your death was a lesson in life it taught me that

[Repeat chorus]

[Verse 2:]
Who ever seen a nigga go to jail sleep 'til day two
Well thats how sick I was when Jay blew
Found out the hard way
That wasn't powder
They was tooting
Over-dosed on heroin died at 22
If you ain't heard about
Daughter she smile just like you
So cute even resorts to violence like you
You know you ya baby mama
Loose but ha what can you do
And I got 4 myself yep it's been a few
Now everything I do is for
King, messiah, deyjah, demani
Lord they all I got so please don't take em from me
From me standing in the
Trap wit coring and sir kap
Laughing at the niggas who serve with no strap
Tell them niggas man yall
Tripping wit no map
Ya robbing ask to borrow my pistol ain't no hap
Me, you, the crew just fell out ova
Dough and a little crack
Never could apologize 'cause you died that's why they saying..

[Repeat chorus]

[Verse 3:]
I bet you niggas thinking that I living it up
'Til you see polices laughing as they picking me up
Went from seeing how many bitches i can fit in the truck
To 3 hots and a cot is you kidding or what fuck how
Many millions I got nigga so what if I'm hot when I got prices on my head
Feds rushing my spot a million
Haters wont me dead force to carry me gat
But you a seven time felon what you doing with that
It's a catch
22 either you lose or lose
That's the way the game structured for real niggas to suffer
And I ain't never
Been a busta alway stood on my feet
Like a man prepared to take what ever coming for me
A pussy nigga
Or polices wit a warrant for me
I'm a "G" prepared to die for whats important to me
Look anybody in the
Eye who say they want it wit me
Put up the house and bet the odds if coming from me
OG's say I need to
Learn and be patient
You telling me wit these seven years of probation
Pistol charges and a host of
Other open cases
If niggas only knew the kind of time I was facing
I tried to keep to myself but
Sometime I couldn't take it
Got 4 kids wit smiles on they faces
Mean more to me than my crown and my bracelet
Take that away from me and my life is butt naked

[Repeat chorus]