Текст песни Sonic Youth – Sympathy For The Strawberry

Тексты песен Sonic Youth Sympathy For The Strawberry

Sympathy For The Strawberry текст песни
Sonic Youth


Let me introduce you
(feel the wind soooo)
Since you saw my shadow self
Living underneath you
(over here)
She can't resist a tickle out
I'm a girl scout
Searching for the new stuff

Did I mention that it melts away
(all gone)
She puts a sign out
(i want a)
Out of order
(i want a building that stays)
Makes you strongly disobey
Guiding you away
(i promised you)
Chiding you away

So quick to hide when I turn around
She will rise just to embarrass me
She likes to dance when it's dark inside
Just a flashlight there, for a guide
Try to catch me if you can
It's free and wild, watch where you stand
Below the net, desire it grows and grows
Like a strawberry not a rose
Prickly patch don't you stand on me
Squishin' down in the mud