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Тексты песен Skunk Anansie Jack Knife Ginal

Jack Knife Ginal текст песни
Skunk Anansie

Your future's where your friendly day
Then it's coming to feed you in your head
Going slow, you'll
yearn the most
Still it's coming to fing your holly throat
So let me tease your silver scare
you're willing to suck on 'til you sore
Maybe caught the ore request
So then fingers will a shiney
Slide into you head
Side into your head
I'll find a way,into your bed
Slide into your head
the dawn is breaking free
And it's getting too hard for rellary
Slip and smile your good time
And u're felling the lips of care free lives
Everybody upside down
'Til they're weeling to take
a holy crime
Rolling chicks, the big time here
And I'm willing to spend all this time
Jack knife
Where the jail? (x4)