Текст песни Skunk Anansie – Infidelity (Only You)

Тексты песен Skunk Anansie Infidelity (Only You)

Infidelity (Only You) текст песни
Skunk Anansie

Lost infidelity, we never said a wordso black and white you seeit's all the lies we've heardIn my
mind nothing makes senseI'm nothing you can't havecracked up to disagree, that's all we've ever
hadyou, only you, only youonly you can't be the one (x2)Your secret smile so quaintin memories
fortoldlaughing so viciously,your concience had been soldin my face there's no more joyI'm all that
I should becracked infidelity, is all you are to mewe don't talk anymore (x2)we don't care anymore