Текст песни Sacrificed – Witchery Candle

Тексты песен Sacrificed Witchery Candle

Witchery Candle текст песни

Seething abyss

Raising from deep

Bursting rage

Come down upon them

I summon You

Lord of Disaster

Appear from the dark

Above the black flames

Smoking Frankincense of Ire and Punishment

Surrender yourself wholly to the burning irritation

Hallowed by the light of the crimson candle

Under sombre vaults echoes my damnation

Leave domains

Of abandoned souls

Realms of death

Sorrow and grief

Mayhemic tortures

Inhuman suffering

Plague and sores

Thy wrath will bring to them

Singing dead word of the alliteration

Merging with the rhyme of fury

Squirming victims crying in convulsions

I inflict my spells upon the souls of unbelievers