Текст песни SR-71 – What A Mess

Тексты песен SR-71 What A Mess

What A Mess текст песни

I confess it's all true.
I'm a mess, what a fool
Now what do i do?


I need your help to get up from my knees
I can't seem to see the forest for the trees
As i wait in my silent misery
All i'm asking is please...forgive me

Now she knows me
Now she knows me
But...she wants me to be
Someone i can't be
Still...she wants me
...and she needs me
...she wants me
Because she loves me

(Repeat Chorus)


Now you see inside
Cause I no longer hide
Or fall between the cracks you left behind
Shattered, now you're out of time
You've come this far to be denied

What a shame, I'm to blame
What a shame, knowing I'm to blame

(Repeat Chorus 2X) (Second time last line -
Cause all I'm asking is please...)