Текст песни S Club 7 – Never had a dream come true

Тексты песен S Club 7 Never had a dream come true

Never had a dream come true текст песни
S Club 7

Everybodys got something,they had to leave behind
Only great from yesterday that seems to grow with time.

1 Theres no use looking back or wondering (or wondering)
how it could of been or might of been (or might of been)
All this I know but still i cant find ways to let you go.

I never had a dream come true, till the day that i found you,even though i've pretend that ive moved
on.You'll always be my baby.
I never found the words to say.Your the 1 i think about each day and i know no matter where life
takes me too apart of me will always be, with you.

Somewhere in my memory, Ive lost the sense of time.Till my heart will never be cos yesterday is all
that fills my mind.



There will always be the dream that fills my head
Yes you will,say you will,you know you will Baby!
You'll always be the 1 i know i'll never forget.



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