Текст песни Raptile – Da Symphony (Ole,Ole)

Тексты песен Raptile Da Symphony (Ole,Ole)

Da Symphony (Ole,Ole) текст песни


Listen to my symphony(olГ©y)

we got the new shit right here

listen to my symphony

let's go


if your feeling good tonight

yall say

2x olГ©y olГ©y

from new york to germany

2x olГ©y olГ©y

no more fights tonight okay

2x olГ©y olГ©y

raptile in da house

yall say

2x olГ©y olГ©y

i got the whole world

listening like piggybang

gets the fuck up

run em in ya city man

live on stage

i gots ya high like marijuana

these rappers is wackless and trackless

like sarah connor

its the number one

scenario bomber

rap till yall raps

like killer sex

milli wons

raps mili wons

x mili one

and bitch mili one

and smacked to your really gone

i don't give fuck

you don't give fuck

hands high if you really want to live it up

hands high if you really want to get with me

monstablokaz it's da symphony


no guts no glory

fuck your story

last man standing

this is raptile

listen to the new shit

this shit is more than music

im spittin the rythym

and in a minute you going to loose it

its over now

smashing splashing

king cobra style

number one in your area

number one in you stereo

bury your dreams

redesturbing the peace

stand up (stand up)

act a fool

hands up (hands up)

rap comes through

and now the freshest beautys

stepping to me

so exclusive

trying to sex-ecute me

im like olГ©y olГ©y olГ©y

the word is mine okay okay okay

now get ready when i hit the tympuni

MONSTABLOKAZ its da symphony


2x listen to my symphony(olГ©y)

let's goooo

2x refrain: