Текст песни Radu – Perfect body

Тексты песен Radu Perfect body

Perfect body текст песни

All this night,
Baby, all this night,
We’ll be dancing in the moonlight.
Hold me tight,
Baby, hold me tight,
Baby, let me feel you tonight.

You can see,
Baby, you can see,
You’re the only one in my life.
Stay with me,
Baby, stay with me,
Without you, I’m losing my mind.

I don’t let nobody
To touch your perfect body.
Your moves are so sexy,
You got me going crazy.
Dance with me tonight,
And let me hold you tight,
Dance with me all day,
I never felt this way.

You can sleep,
Baby, you can sleep,
Baby, you can sleep in my arms.
I will give, baby, I will give,
From the sky I’ll give you my star.

It’s too good,
Baby, it’s too good,
Baby, it’s too good to be true.
You are here,
I’m here with you,
I was dreaming so long about you.

Refrain x2

I don’t let nobody...
I don’t let nobody...
Dance with me tonight,
Dance with me all day.