Текст песни Radiohead – Morning Bell

Morning Bell текст песни

Morning bell
Morning bell
I don't know the killer
Release me
Release me

You can keep the furniture
A bump on the head
Coming down the chimney
Release me
Release me
Release me
Release me

Where'd you park the car?
Where'd you park the car?
Clothes on(?) with furniture
And I might as well
I might as well
Sleepy jack the fire drill
Run around around around around around....

Cut the kids in half (x3)

?? and everything starts to bleed
And everybody lies to me
And everybody talks to me
When I am walking walking walking walking walking...

Everybody likes the rolls(?)
And everybody starts to tease
So tell your boy you'll never believe
And tell your boy you don't believe
Now tell your cousin
I'll tell you cuz I'm walking walking walking walking walking walking....

Everybody likes a roll (?)
And everybody starts to twirl
And then there
And there really were people who frown on the world