Текст песни Queen Pen – My Melody

My Melody текст песни
Queen Pen


Uh, it's all for you, my melody boo

This lovin' is all for you, break it down, how you feel about this

[verse 1]

Reminiscing to back in our beginning

Sweet politicing in the heart of the village

We slid digits on low, exchanged a couple of 'hellos'

As you slid out the door

I remember clearly makein' moves up the steps we made eye contact

It was his gleam that brought me back, ligit

How we met on some real ghetto star shit

Mad chicks on my melody's dick

See he got this kinda grace about himself

Dealin' with fast life all flooded up with wealth

So for him, cuties just be comin' like a dime a dozen

Smooth talkin' brothers always get easy fuckin'

But I ain't mad, at all of his cutie head lovin'

And all his playin hard to get was worth tryin' to get my lovin

He's got personality for days

The kinda melody others bad talkin' many ways

The kinda beat that always stays paid, my special kinda boo who always

appreciates gettin' laid

My melody...


Just the way. I wanna be loved


[verse 2]

True, we been together from the very beginning

Since blocks be turned into states, baguettes be turned into cakes

So he be knowin' how I'm down by law

Plus his knowledge himself be havin' his mentality bore

He gets first bids when I'm blowin' in from tour

His sex is respected behind closed doors

Listen, he the bomb, I can't tell you different

It's a fact how he mistify me like Kaiser Sosack

Uh, it feels good to know how others wish they could be loved

In the clubs bitches screwin' up their mugs because

They envious to how my boo is true to this

Gold diggin' bitches always be disputing shit

That don't even concern them, I'm learnin'

The next chick that try to make your melody a B-track

But true, he be bigger than that

My boo be realisin' that his wifey'll always have his back, uh

...Check out my melody...


Cause you love me baby....

Just the way I wanna be loved,


[verse 3]

Communication be never a mess

Coz he be keepin' street conflict away from this relationship

He's got a mind of his own

He's a leader, not scared to be a dreamer, my black man digger

And I be down till the day that I die, loyalty bonafied

So how ask why I, dedicated all my love to his cause

Financially lock him down, hide his monies from the law 'coz

No matter what my melody be's a good man

No m,atter how he ran on the actions of his plan and

I be down till the day that I die

Loyalty bonafied, my melody and I... uh


'Coz you love me baby,

Just the way I wanna be loved,

Yeah... It's so nice lyin' here in you arms

Your personality has that charm

'Coz you love me baby,

Just the way I wanna be loved,

Oooh I could stay here for the rest of my life

I wanna be your lover, wanna maybe you wife

'Coz you love me baby,

Just the way I wanna be loved,

Yeah... Yeah... You love me baby...