Текст песни Pink Floyd – In The Flesh

In The Flesh текст песни
Pink Floyd

So ya
Thought ya
Might like to
Go to the show.
To feel the warm thrill of confusion
That space cadet glow.
I've got some bad news for you sunshine
Pink isn't well he stayed back at the hotel
And they sent us along as a surrogate, band
And we're going to find out where your fans
Really stand

Are there any queers in the theatre tonight
Get 'em up against the wall.
There's on in the spotlight
He don't look right to me
Get him up against the wall
And that one looks Jewish
And that one's a coon
Who let all this riff-raff into the room
There's one smoking a joint and
Another with spots
If I had my way
I'd have all of you shot.