Текст песни Pearl Jam – Evacuation

Evacuation текст песни
Pearl Jam

Vedder, cameron

The sirens scream wanton attention.
Time to take heed and change direction.
Time to take stock and make omissions.

Evacuation. evacuation.

Time to take leave all formal functions.
Time to plant seeds of a reconstruction.
No time this time to feign reluctance.

It's like your waiting for a diamond shore to wash your way.
Bets put aside you're evil. lets crawl into your face.
A vision vague or not raising a frightful wake you up.

Time for evacuation. evacuation. evacuation. evacuation.
Evacuation. evacuation.

There was a solemn man. watched his twilight disappear. in the sand.
Altered by a falling eagle. a warning sign. sign.
He sensed that worry could be strength with a plan he said, "time for evacuation."


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