Текст песни P.O.D. – When Angels And Serpents Dance

Тексты песен P.O.D. When Angels And Serpents Dance

When Angels And Serpents Dance текст песни

Rhythmically moving
Emotions are rising
Quivering to music
Trembling bodies in song
Go unsteadily sliding
Devious gliding
So beautifully sailing and floating on

Life's real when angels and serpents dance

Twistedly slipping
Radiant soaring
Winding, maliciously creeping
Righteous, moral, and trust
Deceitful, the creature is crawling
The guardians flying. The dance is breathing
Who's leading


Who's leading/Leading you
Everything you say
Everything that you do
believe in what is true
One must lead in the dance who's leading you


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