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Тексты песен No Bans In the club

In the club текст песни
No Bans

(Куплет 1) ( мужской) - ЛЁНЯ
I've been driving around
Come back to the ground
Don't spend time in the pub
U let's go the club
You look really good
A perfect girl from our hood
I'm gonna take you home
I won't leave you alone
What do U think about
Let's check it out

М - Do you whatever U wonna do - ПРИПЕВ
Ж - Go wherever U wonna go -
М - Let's have some fun tonight -
Ж - That's right! -
М - From the bottom to the top -
Ж - We ain't gonna stop! -
М - I'll be yours forever you know how -
Ж - Put this beat down!

( Куплет 2) ( мужской) СКУРТОВ

I love the way you dance
I'm gonna take my chance
Let's have a drink
Your wonderful life
will be colored in pink
I'll come to you and ask : « Who do you search?»
And you will answer: « Я твоя на эту ночь »
I'll ask you to stay forever
I will be with you whenever
What do U think about it
Let's check it out

(Куплет 3) ( женский ) ДАША
I don't know if you like me or not
But my boyfriend thinks that I'm hot
You send my heart into temptation
And I can't get out of such situatio
I like you very much, I dream about touch.
Go ahead and do what you like to do
Because I just can't stop thinking about you
What do U think about it
Let's check it out

(Verse 4) ( мужской) ДИМА ПРИПЕВ
Baby look at my ride
Just get in and have a try
Have a glass of champain
It ain't gonna cause no pain
We will go together though the pouring rain
Everything will change and we'll remain
Come to the stage
Show the audience your rage
What do U think about it
Let's check it out