Текст песни Nicki Minaj – Womp Womp

Womp Womp текст песни
Nicki Minaj

How you gon tel me I'm not the best that came out the west um I mean the east I'm the president but
I don't live in dc I rep the ny fyi I said I rep the ny fyi I get them pies to the guys that say
ayyyaya I'm the head honcho get work from papi and dead poncho put in the roncho I mean the range ro
where we let them things go I onli fucc with dudes that could let they chain show I'm such a 80s bay
thing you could beat me then you azycra? bitches having pushing out abybay won't you be my dj like
lazy k I'm such a psycho niggas call me micko nicki been hot since you was on your tricycle bitches
romans country men used to salute the president with your country friend bitch you ain't writing
shyt you get 10% and you softer than dem dudes witthey wristes bent it's nickelodeon I am the
president where my podium why these girls salty why they sodium is it because my flow slicker than
petroleum see I'm the yellow bus girl say nicki you the best and I tell em urr duhh you tell me wat
I know
I guess I must concur I'm the reason why these bitches yellin fucc her cause everybody hate when
your great and your caking and wen I say caking I ain't talkin bout bacon but they gon get it all
wring fuccing with dem fake thugs and dem fake don juans say he got workers lik the kids in hong
kong but he ain't getting chips unless you count them bon tons tell that nigga womp womp cause he
ain't getting chips unless you count them bon tons