Текст песни Naglfar – When Autumn Storms Come

Тексты песен Naglfar When Autumn Storms Come

When Autumn Storms Come текст песни

Nightchildren bring my words

Howling them through the dark

The time is here for my return

With the shadows I walk

Twilight shrouds the earth

As always when I'm here

Night spreads her wings for me

They call me father

I Have Come To Reap

Flowers wither where I walk

Dying of my caress

Summer sheds her tears

As I kiss her to her death

Pulling her dying remains

Into my cold embrace

No more colors but mine

Exquisite and foul are they

I Grant You My Dead Seed

My heart is made of thorns

I spread my frost as a monument of my rebirth

I bear stormwinds in my soul

And I scatter these storms to enslave the earth

Autumn Is My Name