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Otherwise текст песни

They wanted me here just to show you my face,
But when it comes to the crunch, I just hide in disgrace.
You're calling me mad, but I know you're the same.
Coz you got to be seen to be playing the game,
Yes, we got to be seen to be playing, the game.

It ain't gonna hurt now if you open up your eyes,
You're making it worse now, everytime you criticise.
I'm under your curse now, but they (I) call it compromise,
I thought that you arise, but you were otherwise.

They're stressing me like you, I would love to obtain,
I asked it to this guy if he'd tell me your name.
I'd love to impress you with the backs of my soul,
I wanna take up your love but it's locked in a vault,
I wanna take up your love, but it's locked in a vault.


When I open my mouth, I'm so brutally honest,
And I can't expect that kind of love from you.
When you open your mouth, it is so beautifully polished,
And I can't extract the pain you're going through.
No, I can't explain the pain you're going through.

Chorus x 2

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