Текст песни Morandi – Love is tickling

Тексты песен Morandi Love is tickling

Love is tickling текст песни

friends I've lost
so many lovers over years
but my guitar
so, it's here with me
I've been in love
and I suffered just as much
but my guitar
have always keepting touch

she's tickling my fingers
asking me to dance
and unconditionaly she's been giving me
been giving me
romance so sweet and intense
lonely nights in the city of deny
but then you ofered me your smile

close your eyes
I will be your guy tonight
and hold you close
just for a while
close your lips
I will say the words for you
my guitar will help me threw

you're tickling my fingers
asking me to dance
to put on the guitar
and hold you by your pants
but baby it depends
are you sweet and intense?
it's hard to choose
either way I'm gonna lose
it hated being in my shoes

hold my shoes
I'm so broken deep inside
can barely walk
but I'm doing it with pride
I've said I'm loving you
baby it would be no lying
but I'm afraid I've have to leave my shoes and my guitar outside
it's tickling inside me since you came along
I opened up my heart
cause baby we belong
now I've got you
to hold, to touch and to love
oh, it's clear
you're the sound I want to hear
please whisper softly in my ear