Текст песни Miranda Cosgrove – I Like That Girl

I Like That Girl текст песни
Miranda Cosgrove

Tell me what should I do
What should I say
I'm lost for words so I'm comin to your sisters when you help me
See I don't know
Where to start
To find the keys to win over a girl's heart
Will they say just remember when your game comes into play
(What would you say)
Yea you can both just show respect and you'll be okay because the ladies really like it when...

When you don't succeed don't get offended
Listen when she speaks and don't pretend
Me...Always there when she needs a friend so many things about a girl I can comprehend

Oh oh oh I like that girl
Oh oh oh I like that girl
(I like that girl)
Yeah she says that she likes me too but she's to shy to come talk to me so I don't know how to make
that move but I want her to be mine yeah
Oooh I want baby girl to be mine

Is she the one who will give me love
(real love)
Love me for me I'm not askin much Cause true love don't come easily
And if it's meant to be it happens naturally
If you don't look for love it might actually find you
Oh oh
Oh oh oh I like that girl oh
Now oh oh oh I like that girl
(I like that girl)

You know you remind me of the best thing I ever seen come round my way and I want you to be down
with me like I'm with you yes you
Girl you know you make me go ooh yea yo got me sayin ooh yea you got me sayin ooh yea you got me
singin ooh yea

Alright I'm feelin everything yall been talkin bout
And for her it's time for me to kick the playa out with no doubt it's been runnin through my mind I
can't believe true love I have found my world she is forever my sunshine my pot of gold at the end
of the rainbow see love is not about looks or material but it's mental heart felt to spirital

(I like that girl yea)
I like that girl yea
( I like that girl)
I like that girl
(I like that girl)
oh oh yea oh yea
(I like that girl)
I like that girl yea