Текст песни Methods Of Mayhem – Hypocritical

Hypocritical текст песни
Methods Of Mayhem

Tilo - Power to the positive people please push your panic buttons
Stop the press its those hypocritical judge and condeming preached
With pens behind the desk

Tommy Lee - We protest against their negative stress, time time
Time to get that shit off our chest. I know that violence
Dont fix drama, if you wanna have that good karma go ask your
Mama! Did you Uncover your third eye?

Tilo - Yeah! and utilized my mental telepathy to get them away
From T-Lee and the rest of the posse

Tommy Lee - Click click camera flash freeze frame a time
From the past or if i had a gat i probably would blast
But livin' life like that probably would not last

Tilo - cause somebody one day onto them leave you left
Deep in the ground your last tour date in a casket
With quadro sound's