Текст песни Megadeth – Sin

Sin текст песни

He had an unfamiliar face
Complete life in disarray
A simple man, power drunk
No worries of living, no more anything

Deep inside, I've seen it rise
Actions progress to no end
Mirror, mirror, please look inside
Do you see the reasons that we sin?

Not one to be forgot
Spoiled rotten, or so they say
Once burned, forever marked
Hurt by just a few, but so many have to pay

Pressure coming down
Down on me, gonna break
Broken fingernails
Digging in, scratch my face

Nervous, like a cat
Gonna jump through my skin
Shadows on the wall
Stretching out, grope for me

Resons, deep in me
Let me be
Let me bleed
Set me free
The reasons that we sin