Текст песни Mandragora Scream – Bloody Ballade

Bloody Ballade текст песни
Mandragora Scream

I'll never die, I hold my blaze on
storm witched whirl
True ways are flowin' on leaden
Deity and mist, that are that mirth
behind my death
While groans melt in whispers my
hymns are thine
I'll be there-fight
In your eyes-light
Through the dark-reign
All your pain
In your mist-lost
With your wings-flight
Through your mind-rape
All your dreams, all
Lain' to lie, and right away, strugglin'
through your veins
Your heart...
'Till I bite thy neck again, this fall
won't be sweet in vain
Fallin' leaves, like tears comin' down
from scary lights
On thy pale lips like diamonds cryin'
Dyin' away from my life I get lost in
Gloomy eyes that I'll never stray
over and ever again
Bloody ballade
Bloody Ballade right away, strugglin'
through my veins
Again life
Bloody balladem life...

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