Текст песни Malice In Wonderland – Red Rose Suicide

Red Rose Suicide текст песни
Malice In Wonderland

I´m wishing for the clouds to go away
I can feel you near, you disappear
Escape this mortal life
Rivers empty, shallow feelings
Clouds collide and shade of grey
Please come back to stay
I will love you anyways

The heart´s been aching since the day
Since the day you took you love away

As I am reaching for the star
You turn around and show me who you are
There I see you on the other side
Waiting for the ride
And I´m craving for your lips
And your soft, sweet fingertips
My heart´s been aching since the day
You took you love away

You´re dreaming there´s rain there are no pain
I will take you in under my wings
To the surface you´ll rise
You belong here, you´ve been faded
Hidden, drifted in the cold
Please come back to stay I say
I will love you anyway

Two-faced people, serpent eyes
Betrayal, only lies
Tonight no one thinks about me
I can