Текст песни Macbeth – Dead And Gone

Тексты песен Macbeth Dead And Gone

Dead And Gone текст песни

Under the spell
Of a greenish moon
My heart has sailed the seven seas
Going mad with rage
Please tell me why
Something strange
Makes me drown in my own tears
A voice within me said it was love
What new trick is this?
Her kiss for me is death

For your sake for your sake
You 've taken lights out of my eyes
Stealing my heart
Burning my love
Ripping my soul
A black mark that means
Dead and gone

Mercy on me
Cruelty is tearing dreams
I 'm falling headlong in disgrace
Painful to behold
I can but weep

A hole in my soul
Drives me to despair
A tragic end swallows my hopes
I 'm forever lost
Her kiss for me is death

By the moon 's dying light
Wait for me
I 'm so far away
Like the faint light
Of a cold star
My love has fallen asleep
As dried leaf settled
On icy marble
Like the cold breath
Of a winter night…