Текст песни M.I.A. – Mango Pickle Down River

Тексты песен M.I.A. Mango Pickle Down River

Mango Pickle Down River текст песни

First of all I wanna say I don't even know why you act that way

My name is maya and people always say

I act kinda strange like a dooba weh

I like fish and mango pickle

When I climb trees

Them feet them tickle

I'm broke this month didn't pay rent

I had to jump town and my money's all spent [2x]

Rode the bmx we walked through the bush

The boys fight to ride it, but I just let em push

Keith stole an egg from a lil kookoo

Kept it safe in his mouth, while he danced the jookoo jookoo

There's only one ocean that got fish left

One day we'll have to be a really good chef

And I don't mean us in the bush making meth

Boys if you catch meth you catch your death

When I said that Keith sneezed and had a chick

Broke the little egg in his mouth in little bits

When it's hot we go down the river and swim

When we go fishing we 're catching a brim

When the rivers high we jump off the bridge

And then we go home and play some didge