Текст песни Lil Wayne – On Tha Block #1

Тексты песен Lil Wayne On Tha Block #1

On Tha Block #1 текст песни
Lil Wayne

[Lil Wayne:]
Ay Man I'm Walkin On South Beach The Other Day Right
You Know Tha Memorial Day Weekend Shit Thang
Yeah So They Got A Nigga Come Up To Me With A Video Camara Right
And You Know Muthaf**Kas Come Up To Me With Camaras Everyday So I Don't Be Trippin
All Day Everyday You Know What I Mean?
So You Know You Got What His Nigga Asked Me?
Yo Can I Battle You On Camera?
I Was Like Dawg How Much We Gon Make Fo This?
You Really Think... Yo, Yo
For All You Niggas Thinkin Y'all Could See Me And Think It's Really A Game 'cause I'm From Tha South
Or I Don't Really Be Boastin And Braggin Bout That Flow And Shit...
Dawg I Got This Shit Dawg
You Niggas Think You Could F**K With Me