Текст песни Lazytown – F.U.N

F.U.N текст песни

Spongebobs way
'F' fun is for friends who do stuff
'U' if for you and me
'N' is for anywhere and
anytime at all
Down here in the deep blue
Spongebob " Now you try!!"
(to Plankton)
Planktons Way
'F' is for fires that burn down
the whole town!,
'U' is for uranium..bombs!,
'N' is for no surviiiiiivers!When
Spongebob "Plankton, that's
not what fun is about!Here,
let me help."
'F' is for friends who do stuff
'U' is for you and me
"Try it!"
'N' is for anywhere at anytime
at all down here in the deep
blue sea.
"I feel all tingly inside, can
we stop?"
Spongebob "That's how
you're supposed to feel!"
Plankton "Well I like it, let's
do it again!"
Spongebob "OK!"
'F' is for frolic through all the
'U' is for ukalaly
'N' is for nosepicking, sharing
gum, and sand lickin'
here with my best buddy!