Текст песни La Bouche – Nice 'n' Slow

Тексты песен La Bouche Nice 'n' Slow

Nice 'n' Slow текст песни
La Bouche

Mel: you know, i've never been in love before that's why i'm with you
I wanna take it nice 'n' slow.

Lane: well baby from the first time i saw you, i knew i had to have you.
I just couldn't wait any longer, i want you body and soul

Verse 1:
When i first saw you , you looked so fine you blew my mind i just knew that i was seein' a dream.
tryin' to maintain my composure as i made my move to call you over to sit next to me. you looked
Ay with your sexy smile, i felt just like a schoolgirl. i was so nervous i could not move, with one
look you rocked my world.

Don't you want to try it we can take it nice 'n' slow.
If you say you like it i will never let you go.

Verse 2:
I called you up, to my surprise, you remembered me, you were waiting for me to dial your number.
wanted to see me, no hesitation came from me, must of been that magic spell i was under. so beaut
Just one night with you, i can't imagine it all. so you just open up your heart come and share my
dream, together we can fly away.

Chorus x2

Baby don't you wanna take control of me, let me be your one and only fantasy,
Given myself to you totally...
(body and soul)
Baby don't you wanna take control of me, let me be yor your one and only fantasy, given myself to
you totally...
(i promise my love nice and slow)

Chorus x2
Bridge to fade