Текст песни L'Ame Immortelle – Into Thy Gentle Embrace

Тексты песен L'Ame Immortelle Into Thy Gentle Embrace

Into Thy Gentle Embrace текст песни
L'Ame Immortelle

From the steel torn world - an Abyss of hate
From the world outside - where hate rules the mind
From walls of intolerance - live on the surfaces
Of feelings untold - where tears have no shape

From masks people wear - to save them
Fall and scar them - from their life's short time
From swallowed pain kept inside
Needs to be released and dies

Into thy gentle embrace
Which guards me
My last resort
In my darkest hour

From nights darker than black - inflicted by my mind
I am blind - sorrow I bear
From bright colours that hide the lies
From the bold odours - as time flies.