Текст песни Korn – Alone I break

Тексты песен Korn Alone I break

Alone I break текст песни

Pick me up
Been bleeding too long
Right here, right now
I'll stop it somehow

I will make it go away
Can't be here no more
Seems this is the only way
I will soon be gone
These feelings will be gone
These feelings will be gone
Now I see the times they change
Leaving us, it seems so strange
I am hoping I can find
Where to leave my hurt behind
All the shit I seem to take
All alone I seem to break
I have lived the best I can
Does this make me not a man?

Shut me off
I'm ready
Heart stops
I stand alone
Can't be my own

Am I going to leave this place?
What is it I'm hanging from?
Is there nothing more to come?
(Am I gonna leave this place?)
Is it always black in space?
Am I going take its place?
Am I going to leave this race?
(Am I going to leave this race?)
I guess God's up in this place.
What is it that I've become?
Is there something more to come?
(More to come)