Текст песни Khia – Nasti Muzik

Тексты песен Khia Nasti Muzik

Nasti Muzik текст песни

Lay Back Baby.
I'm bout to sing you the best songs...
you ever heard in your life.
Lay Back Baby.
I got ya baby.
You like that baby.

Shes a nasty Girl
And she loves to sing.
Shes gotta real deep voice
If you know what i mean.
Shes got some big ol lips.
And some wide hips.
Shes got a real big knock.
That will turn you on.
Shes a sexy nasty girl
and she really loves to sing.
Shes been singing all her life.
And she knows how to sing it right.
If you want a nasty girl.
I bet her love is guaranteed

oh oh oh.
we e ee.

Do you like my nasti muzik.
Im singing to you.
Im Singing to you.
Im Singing to you.
Shes a sexy nasti girl.
And She really loves to sing.
Shes Singing to you.
Shes singing to you.
lay back baby.

i wanna make sure you enjoy my muzik.

lay back baby.