Текст песни KMFDM – Beast

Beast текст песни

My youth is wasted - I'm evasive and vague
I'm a headless beast - I'm a subtle plague
I'm a cheatin' liar - I am naked terror
I hurt - I wound - I'm a fatal error
I'm a non-believer - I refuse and resist
I don't play no more - I'm a terrorist
I'm a radical pig - I exploit and abuse
I am total chaos - strange and abstruse
I don't make sense - I got my pride
Don't need no meaning
I feel no shame - I will not believe
I got no choice - I'm out of control
And I love it
I'm a man who's sick - but I got class
'coz you only get respect - when you're kickin' ass
Non-compliance - non-aggressive
Non-contagious - non-involvement
Non-productive - non-religious
Non-resistant - non-subjective