Текст песни Josh Todd – Circles

Circles текст песни
Josh Todd

A camisole and secrets on your face
I finally got to you without a chase
You think that we could turn it upside down
And be the ones standing out in the crowd

Were going in circles
Stop if it makes you happy
If I lead you follow
Even if we take the long way

A shooting star is falling out of space
Wishing I could leave without a trace
I caught a glimpse of you and watched yopu cry
You always cry cause you keep it locked inside
Im coming to take you away


Wide-awake no way out
We keep spinning around
Wide awake no way out, no way out
Love did you forget about love
Baby it all comes back to love
Did you forget about love
Maybe I jsut threw it in your face
And now its time you put me in my place
And now Im running circles in my head
I saw you walking out and I saw red
Im coming to take you away