Текст песни Jordin Sparks – Whenever

Whenever текст песни
Jordin Sparks

Verse 1: I hope somehow you know by now, that I will always love you. Through think and thin, down
the roads that bend, I'll never leave your side. I'd pull the stars down from the sky, every night
just to look into your eyes.

Chorus: Whenever you want, wherever you need, whatever you wish for, whatever you dream, I'll bring
it to you, wherever you are. I won't be that far. Oh, whenever you heart breaks, just call my name,
wherever you are, whatever you want, whenever you need.

(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 2: The days will come, the years will go, as time will pass like the wind. We'll live and
learn, tables will turn, colors will change like the seasons. One thing will always be true. That is
the love I feel for you.

(Repeat Chorus 2x)